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Annual Tune Up Checklist:

The following will be inspected:

q       Fan, housing, end cone, and air tube of burner

q       Glass gauge

q       Low water cut-off

q       Transformer connections

q       Ignition cable

q       Oil burner

q       Air filter

q       Above ground oil tanks and lines for oil leaks  

The following will be replaced:

q       Replace nozzle

q       Replace oil filter

q       Replace strainer

  In addition we will:

q       Clean fuel pump and check pressure

q       Clean electrodes

q       Clean combustion chamber

q       Vacuum and inspect heat exchanger and smoke pipe to chimney

q       Adjust draft regulator

q       Adjust burner

q       Lubricate all motor bearings

q       Test Transformer

q       Test oil burner controls and cycle unit

q       Test fuel pump

q       Test for CO2, smoke, stack temperature, and vent draft

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